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1. How do I start?

Sign up on the Home page, then check your email for more information. (Do not pay attention to dates or times, as this was a Beta project- it is helpful to read all information available on the Home page.). 

To make the experience easier, it is recommended to use a combination of a desktop computer or laptop, an incognito browser, and a smartphone with the Instagram app downloaded. 

2. Where do I look/how do I know what to do?

Think in terms of real-world logic. Where would someone put the information you're looking for? Where would you find new information once you gain access to something? (Also, if you have a chance to access something- try it!)

3. I can't figure out the password!

Beth's first email is your best guide.  You will need a word and a number. The word hints won't mix with one another and the number hints won't mix with each other, so go simple. 

4. [CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS] I figured out the secret behind the company, what do I do now?

Look at who to trust and what steps are needed to complete the goal. Read messages very clearly. 

(Emailing Beth will not be helpful, but after you have completed the correct email, you will receive a completion message).


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