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Beauty Secrets is a digital experience that allows you to test your sleuthing skills and do a deep dive into the world of media influencers and uncover buried secrets.


Making Dreams Come True

Really great getting to know you more this year! Loved our chats in math class. Have a great summer!

Brandon Darcel

Turning a Vision into Reality

“Michi loves spooky work and things that are beautiful and grotesque. Michi is also an intense organizer and likes writing emails and making sure things run smoothly. They made a spreadsheet for this project and did some other stuff too! Specialties include directing, design, acting, crying, and smiling.”

Michi Zaya Tumur


A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

“Christian is a 4th year student of Dramatic Arts concentrating in Directing and Creative technologies. He is excited to be here !”

Christian Wilcox

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

“Ava is a 3rd year BFA Dramatic Arts student focusing on creative technologies and costume design. She would like to thank Nick and her classmates for creating a fun and encouraging class that she looked forward to every week. !”

Ava Burckhardt

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